Tiramisu without marscapone

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Heavy cream
3 tablespoons Sugar
1½ cup Ricotta cheese
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Sour cream
¼ cup Dark rum
\N \N Ladyfingers (either use the crispy kind or toast them)
1½ cup Strong coffee or espresso
\N \N Unsweetened cocoa for garnish; sifted

From: Melissa.Bruce@... (Melissa Bruce) Date: 14 May 1994 00:18:52 GMT

The authentic tiramisu calls for marscapone cheese, which is relatively hard to get and expensive. The following substitute works well. Be sure you use firm or stale lady fingers so it doesn't get mushy.

Beat heavy cream with sugar until stiff. Set aside. Using same beater, beat together ricotta, sugar and sour cream. Gently fold cream and cheese mixes together; add rum. Arrange half the ladyfingers in a 2 or 2½ inch deep oval or rectangular serving dish large enough to hold the lady fingers in a single layer (approximately 8" x 8"), quickly dipping each lady finger in espresso before putting it in the pan. Top with half of the cream and cheese mixture. Top with the remaining ladyfingers (dipped in coffee) and top with remaining cream and cheese mixture. When set, top with unsweetened cocoa.



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