The amount of shellfish to purchase

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The Amount of Shellfish to Purchase In determining the amount of shellfish to purchase use the same scale as for fresh fish, which is approximately ⅓ pound of edible fish per person. Specifically this translates as the following: Shrimp--raw (in shell) ½ pound or 6 large shrimp Shrimp--raw, shelled ⅓ pound Scallops--fresh ⅓ pound Crabs--soft-shelled, live 1 large crab or 2 small Oysters & clams-(in shell) 6 oysters or clams Oysters & clams--shucked 6 oysters or clams Lobster--fresh 1 pound or 1 small or ½ large Lobster--tails 1 large tail or 8 ounces Lobster meat ⅓ pound Mussels 12 mussels Prawns 6 large prawns All amounts on the chart are the amounts per person. They are average servings as an entree. If your family or friends are hearty fish eaters the figures should be adjusted. Should the fish be used as an appetizer or served with a rich sauce, less is required.

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Adam Starchild has combined business travel with discovering the delights of native dishes from Hawaii and Hong Kong to Russia and the Caribbean. He is the author of The Seafood Heritage Cookbook (Cornell Maritime Press), co-author of another seafood cookbook, and the author of a number of food and cooking articles.

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