Tempura sashimi

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
6 ounces Sushi rice
4 ounces Rice wine vinegar
3 ounces Ground toasted sesame seeds
4 \N Nori seaweed sheets
6 ounces Trimmed and skinned Ahi
\N \N Tuna
6 ounces Himachi (yellow tail) white
\N \N Tuna
4 \N Spring roll paper wrappers
8 ounces Peanut oil
13 ounces Wasabi mustard sauce
\N \N Soy sauce

Place 6 ounces of sushi rice and 1 pint of cold water in a sauce pot.

Bring the ingredients to a boil, cover the sauce pot, then turn down to a simmer. Cook until all the water is gone, and rice is cooked nice and sticky. Then, turn out rice on a film covered sheet pan, and season with rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds. Cover with more clear film wrap. In a toaster oven or regular oven, place nori sheet on a sheet pan at 250 degrees for 30 seconds. Seaweed should be lightly toasted, not crisp, just warm. Lay out the seaweed. Pat the rice on the seaweed with your fingers then place pieces of Ahi or Himachi in the center. With a sushi mat, roll the tuna roll, cutting off excess seaweed, then roll in rice paper. Fry in 350 degree oil for 2 minutes then slice and serve with wasabi and soy sauce.


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