Split pea lemon soup

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ cup Green split peas; rinsed well
1 cup Sour cream
8 cups Chicken stock
3 tablespoons Finely-minced fresh dill
1 tablespoon Finely-grated lemon zest
2 tablespoons Unsalted butter
1 tablespoon Olive oil
2 larges Onions; peeled and finely
\N \N ; diced
2 tablespoons Finely-minced chilli
1 large Carrot; peeled and finely
\N \N ; diced
2 larges Celery sticks; trimmed and finely
\N \N ; diced
2 teaspoons Ground cumin
\N \N Salt and pepper
¼ cup Double cream
\N \N Fresh chopped parsley and coriander

Melt some butter and oil in a large pan until they start to sizzle, then add the onions, diced carrot, celery and chilli. Stir and allow to sweat down for 5 minutes. When the vegetables are soft, add the cumin and split peas. Stir everything to combine and coat the peas with the fats in the pot. Then add the stock, bring to a boil and leave to simmer for 45 minutes ~ 1 hour.

At this stage the soup can be liquidized - be careful not to fill your liquidizer jug too full of hot liquid as the lid may pop off the top. Blend the soup until smooth, then pour it back into the pan and thin it down a little by adding more stock.

Finish off by adding the cream and a touch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix in some parsley, the lemon zest and coriander and stir to blend. Serve in bowls with a dollop of cream on top.

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