Spanish-jewish dandelion soup

Yield: 10 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ pounds Dried chick-peas [garbanzos]
¼ pounds Dried white beans
Water for soaking
½ pounds Corned beef [I can't tell if the author meant corned-beef as in brisket or not, prolly any soup meat would do]
2 tablespoons Cooking oil
¼ pounds Garlic beef sausage
8 cups Water
2 Cloves garlic; finely chopped
2 Tomatoes; chopped
1½ teaspoon Tsp. ground cumin
2 Potatoes; peeled and diced
½ pounds Chopped dandelion greens or spinach
½ cup Margarine [I'd use only 2 or 3 tbsp.]
1 cup Croutons

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Source: The Joys of Jewish Cooking" by Stephen and Ethel Longstreet You can use spinach instead of dandelions if you have no lawn.

Soak chick-peas and beans overnight in water. Drain. In a large pot saute beef in oil and add sausage. Saute until cooked.

Remove from pot and slice sausage.

Add rest of ingredients to pot, except for dandelion greens, margarine, and croutons. Simmer 3 hours or until chick-peas and beans are tender.

Melt margarine in a skillet, add meats and greens on high heat. Stir, toss greens well until wilted. Add with meats to soup. [at this point, I'd chill the soup and remove the excess fat cap, or skim soup carefully, or do the paper towel trick] Serve with crisp croutons.

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