Sofrito #1

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Italian peppers
½ pounds Green bell peppers
3 eaches Or 4 bunches \"cilantro\" (a.k.a. chinese parsley)
4 eaches Or 5 packages \"cilantro ancho\" (a wide leaf cilantro
1 pounds Garlic
1 \N Lb
1 \N Bn
1 \N Lb

: (about 15 plants; pick all : -the leaves off

: discard the stems, for a : -cleaner batch)

: usually sold in plastic : -bags as the leaf

: is very oily and odiferous; : - about 15

: plants; wash carefully and : -thoroughly

: so all the dirt is removed) : onions (yellow or white or : -Vidalia or

: red - experiment; try : -yellow first)

: scallions (about 6 plants) : "aji gustoso" (this is : -small, pear-onion

: size green-pepper looking : -pepper; when

: cleaning use a small blade : -knife, cut

off the top, cut in half and remove the seeds and veins; this is arduous as the peppers are about the size of a pearl onion) Clean all very thoroughly. Puree all. It's about 6 pounds or about 3 quarts.

Refrigerate for about a month or freeze about a year.

Separate for refrigeration and for freezing. Use in place of garlic (about a tablespoon for each clove).Subj: Re:Palomillia(?) Steak???? Sofrito

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