Simple, easy, and hearty vegetarian chile

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can (16-oz) corn
1 can (16-oz) beans (type? pick one.)
16 ounces Canned tomatoes; or so, chopped fresh; or store bought
1 can (8-oz) can tomato sauce (up to)
½ cup Cajun Sunshine (or your current chile pepper/hot stuff ingredients; according to taste)
5 tablespoons Heinz Chile Sauce
½ teaspoon Curry powder
1 tablespoon Powdered mustard (up to)
⅓ cup Sour cream

Drain corn and beans, add to tomatoes in a deep skillet. (My favorite chile pan is a black cast iron unit about 2½ inches deep). Put at medium heat. While mixture warms, add tomatoe sauce, Cajun Sunshine, chile sauce, curry powder, mustard, and 8 oz. water (or so, until the mixture has just enough liquid to cook, but not to much!). After coming just to boil, let simmer on Low heat for 45-55 minutes or until beans are tender. Keep heating to reduce mixture until it reaches "good chile viscosity." Add water if necessary. Add sour cream and continue heat for 10 or so minutes more or until the mix is warm. Serve with good bread and greens...

Ingredients for this excellent vegetarian chile are variable, depending on what is available, what crops are season, and how hot the cook decides to make the dish. The recipe uses canned corn, beans, and tomatoes, but fresh produce is all ways preferred when available. Of course dry beans need a good water soak before being used to prepare the chile. We've tried several hot sauces, and most are good, but I just prefer the Cajun Sunshine, or if fresh chiles are avalable, use them. The amount of 'hot ingredient' is of course to be determined by the cook.

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