Scones 4

Yield: 12 Scones

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Flour; unsifted
¼ cup Sugar
2 teaspoons Baking powder
½ teaspoon Baking soda
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ cup Butter or margarine
2 \N Eggs
⅓ cup Sour milk (see NOTE)

Preheat oven to 400 F (hot).

Grease a baking sheet. Mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Mix in fat only until mixture is crumbly. A pastry blender, two table knives, or a fork may be used.

Beat eggs; add milk. Stir into dry ingredients. Mix just until moistened. Divide dough in half. Place on baking sheet. Shape each half of the dough into a 7-inch circle about ½-inch thick.

Cut each circle of dough into six wedges. Prick with a fork.

Bake 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

Calories per scone: About 145

VARIATION: FRUIT SCONES ======================= Add ½ cup chopped raisins or dates to egg-milk mixture. Proceed as in basic recipe.

About 165 calories per serving with raisins or dates.

NOTE: To make sour milk, mix 1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice with enough sweet milk to make ⅓ cup. Let stand 5 minutes.

Source: FOOD -- by U.S. Department of Agriculture Typed for you by Karen Mintzias

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