Salsa campechana (campeche style sauce)

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1.00 cup Parsley -- chopped very
\N \N Fine
6.00 \N Cloves garlic -- broiled and
\N \N Chopped
½ teaspoon Pepper
2.00 tablespoon Vinegar
1.00 large Onion -- chopped fine
½ cup Olive oil
1.00 tablespoon Butter
1.00 \N Sweet pepper -- seed & chop
\N \N Very fin

Allow parsley to stand in one-fourth cup of water for 2 hours, or until very soft and drain. Add garlic, pepper and vinegar. Fry onion in hot olive oil until transparent. Add parsely and simmer for ten minutes. Add butter remove from fire when melted and add sweet pepper. serve with cooked fish or cold meats. Yield 6 servings.

From: - lynn@... (Lynn Johnson)

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