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Runzas are known by a variety of names and the original recipes were brought to the new world by Russian-Germans emigrants. They are called "Bierocks" by the Molotschna German Mennonites, were bread pockets amply filled with a mixture of ground beef, onion and cabbage. A little like a hamburger sandwich they made a handy meal, were served hot or cold and made ideal traveling companions for trips or picnics.

The word Bierock is related to the Turkish word "Berok or Boerek". Today, in the Crimean city of Simferopol (where Mennonites went to school or went shopping) they are called cherbureki and sold on the street. Simferopol is proud and passionate about this meat pie.

People all over the world serve meat filled bread. England has its Cornish Pasties (which are very good). Italians make calzones (pizza in a pocket).

The Polish fill pirogi with ham and cabbage. Turks love a combination of lamb, tomato paste and pine nuts in their bread. The Volga Germans from Russia, neighbors of the Mennonites had their Krautbrot or Krautrunzen.

Bierocks, Krautbrot, Krautranzen or Runza or what ever the name is still a favorite with the German-Russian families in Canada and the United States.

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