Roux and variations

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Flour
1 pounds Unsalted butter

1. melt butter then add flour. At this point it is a WHITE ROUX... the next stage is BLONDE ROUX, this is cooked approx. 3 minutes past the white. the next stage is BROWN ROUX, this is cooked until a brown color appears and you can smell a nutty aroma. and the last stage is BLACK BUTTER, just like it says it is pretty close to black.

this recipe for blonde or white roux will thicken 1 gallon of liquid the brown will thicken ¾ gallon and the black will thicken a ½ gallon NOTES : either add hot roux to cold liquid or cold roux to hot liquid! Recipe by: S.C.I. - Jamie, Az.

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