Roux flour

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 cups All purpose flour

This flour may be used in making that most basic of Cajun sauces, the roux. All Cajun recipies calling for a sauce begin with "First you make a roux". A normal roux is made with equal parts flour and oil, with water or stock added when the roux is at the desired degree of doneness. This flour allows you to dispense with the oil and still have the desired flavor.

Place the flour in a large skillet over high heat; with a wire whisk, stir constantly for 25 minutes or until the flour begins to turn a light brown, similar to light brown sugar. If the flour begins to darken too fast, remove it from the heat and stir to allow the flour to darken evenly before putting it back on a lower heat setting.

When it has reached the desired color, remove from the heat and continue stirring until completely cooled. Sift the flour into a covered container and store until needed.

note: This will tire you out and must be done with no interruptions.

If the flour is burned, throw it out and start over. It is actually much harder than a true roux, but it is worth it to get the true flavor of the cajun dishes.

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