Raspberry jellies

Yield: 1 serving

Measure Ingredient
½ pint Strained fresh raspberry juice
1 pounds Loaf sugar
1 ounce Powdered gelatin coloring if necessary
2 tablespoons Cold water
10 drops Lemon juice

Prepare raspberry juice by crushing the fruit, warming it in a bowl over hot water until the juice flows freely and then straining through muslin. Soak the gelatin in the cold water. Dissolve the sugar in the juice and boil up to 240 F or the soft ball stage. Add the lemon juice and gelatin. Re-heat to 240 F and pour into a tin previously rinsed in cold water. If the color is pale add a few drops of cochineal before the end, but fresh fruit should give a brilliant color. When set, loosen the sides with a hot knife and stand the pan on a cloth wrung out of boiling water. Turn the jelly out on to a board. Cut into cubes and roll in very fine confectioner's sugar.

Stand the sweets in a warm place overnight so that the sugar crystals adheres. Blackcurrant Jujubes ½ pint pure strained blackcurrant syrup 1 oz granulated sugar 1 tablespoon pure glycerine 6 tablespoon glucose 1 oz powdered gelatin Soften the gelatin in a little water.

Dissolve the sugar and glucose in the juice - very slowly, over gentle heat. Add glycerine and bring to boiling point. Remove from heat, add gelatin and stir until dissolved. Re-heat but do not boil.

Rinse a 6" sandwich tin with cold water; pour the jelly mixture in.

Proceed as in second paragraph of directions for Raspberry Jellies.

This is a very good sweet for irritated throats. Fruit Jellies All juicy fruits in season make delicious sweets. Proceed as for Raspberry Jellies, using coloring when necessary to enhance the natural tint. Redcurrants, gooseberries - both green and red - blackberries, hips and pineapples are just a few to be tried. Fresh pineapple must be well cooked if used with gelatin, as it contains a natural digestant which dissolves gelatin. Two methods of Crystalizing follow in the next message. CRYSTALIZING CANDIED FRUIT (This is the chapter that the author said to use for crystalizing the jellies. I assume where it says fruit you would substitute jellies.) A sparkling finish is much sought after in this class of sugar work, so here are two recipes-one very simple, the other correct and of lasting quality. Con't next message * QMPro 1.0 90-8356 * New Jersey, The Garden State ++- WM v3⅒/92-0413 * Origin: The Magic Dominion 1:107/614 n.j. 908-583-7894 16⅘ (1:107/614) From: PAT STOCKETT Date: 11-01-94 Subject: General Chicken Recipe CR ====================================================================== ==== ==== Hi Bart! BR>Does anyone have, or know where I can get a recipe for General Chicken? >The General's name changes (Tso, Ching etc....) Thanks in advance. Welcome to the Cooking Echo! It's nice to have you with us. :-) -Pat -Begin Recipe Export- QBook version 1.⅐

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