Rainy day chicken soup

Yield: 4 to5quarts

Measure Ingredient
4 Chicken breasts
8 cups Water
10 Chicken bouillon cubes
½ cup Chopped onion (I used 1/4 c. dried onion
¼ cup Parsley (I used 2 TB dried)
½ teaspoon Pepper
2 quarts Water
6 Carrots; sliced
4 mediums Potatoes; peeled & cubed
6 ounces Noodles (fettuccine works best)
¾ pounds Velveeta
¾ cup Minute (instant) rice
From : Denise Rounds

1. Cook together until chicken is done: 8 cups water,4 chicken breasts, 10 chicken bouillon cubes, ½ cup chopped onion (I used ¼ cup dried onion), ¼ cup parsley (I used 2 TB dried parsley), & ½ tsp. pepper. Remove chicken from broth. Cool and cube. Add in at step #6.

2. To broth add and bring to a boil: 2 quarts water 3. Add and cook for 10 minutes: 6 carrots, sliced 4. Add and cook 10 minutes, or until done: 4 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed and 6 ounces noodles (broken up fettuccine noodles work best)

5. Remove from heat and add: ¾ lb. Velveeta (I use the light Velveeta)

6. Add: ¾ cup minute (instant) rice and cubed chicken.

7. Stir, cover and let stand for 10 minutes before serving.

From Diane Story's Kitchen

From: Teri Chesser Date: 04 Feb 97 National Cooking Echo Ä

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