Potted roast chicken with vegetables

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Roasting chicken
8 smalls Onions, peeled
8 smalls New potatoes
8 smalls Carrots, quartered
1 cup Hot water
1 cup Peas
1 cup Sliced green beans
1 cup Sliced mushrooms
1½ teaspoon Salt
Bread stuffing

I consulted my two Jewish food experts, my 85 year old father and my dearest friend who lives in New York. Both of them came up with the same non-recipe. They say that "Gademke" (that is the way I have always heard it pronounced and that a is the way they pronounce it) chicken is a chicken roasted in very little water in the oven with onions. My father, speaking of his mother's Gademke chicken said that on very special occasions she would roast it with carrots and potatoes. I looked through a bunch of Jewish cookbooks and I think that your friend is probably correct, although it may be in one of Jennie Grossinger's cookbooks. Unfortunately I can't locate mine. Below is the recipe that I found that comes closest to the above description. If you leave out the peas, green beans and mushrooms I think this may be what you are looking for. My father doesn't remember it ever being stuffed.

The Complete American Jewish Cookbook, The World Publishing Company 1952 Stuff chicken with bread stuffing, adding the chopped giblets to stuffing.

Tie legs of chicken. Place in a large casserole or roasting pan. Bake uncovered in hot oven (425 degrees F.) for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to slow (325 degrees F.). Add onions. Cover and bake 30 minutes longer. Add potatoes, carrots, and 1 cup hot water. Cover and cook 30 minutes. Add peas, beans, and mushrooms. Season with salt. Cover and bake 30 minutes.

Remove chicken and vegetables to hot platter.

Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest V96 #50 Date: 30 Oct 1995

From: Ruth Heiges <heiges@...>

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