Potpourri bags

Yield: 1 bag

Measure Ingredient
1 small Piece of fabric cut to 12\"
\N \N By 11\"
12 \N Inch lenght of ribbon
2 \N Stems silver king artemisia
\N \N Trimmed to 4 inches
10 smalls Accent herbs, eg. feverfew
\N \N Larkspur,peppermint leaves,
\N \N Globe amaranth or sage leave
1½ cup Potpourri

Make potpourri with a combination of equal amounts of peppermint, spearmint and tansy.

1. Fold the fabric in half, right side together to form a rectangle 6 x 11 inches. Sew the side seams. Turn right side out, fold the top down 2 inches inside the bag, and press with a hot iron. Fill with potpourri and tie the bag closed with ribbon. 2. Arrange the two stems of silver king artemisia to form a crescent shape and hot glue them to the ribbon. ( the two stems should overlap about ½ inch. 3.

Hot glue the foliage stems ( sage or peppermint) into the silver king artemisia. 4. Create a small cluster of accent blooms (globe amaranth or feverfew and larkspur) in the centre of the arrangement and hot glue in place.

from the book of country herbal crafts by Dawn Cusick.

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