Pomelo/etrog shlivovitz

Yield: 1 Bottle

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Pomelo or etrog, rind of
1 cup Refined sugar
1 \N Bottle (1 liter) of your favorite brandy or vodka

Source: Joop S. de Graaf, my dad A more or less 'kosher' in the sense of legal, version of the recipe leaves out the distilling, but just consists of the flavoring. Depending on the brandy you start out with, results can be from good to great. We also make this with etrog peel after sukkot and then break the fast with it next year at yom kippur. It is one of these great 'cycle' things in Judaism Warning: make sure that the rind is pure, without the white inside, which will make your drink bitter. Also make sure you get a pomelo or etrog that does not "shine". The shiney ones are treated with a wax. Add everything together in a bottle with a very tight seal. Keep in a dark cabinet for at least one month. Filter through cheesecloth. Keeps for a long time. Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest V97 #118 by David de Graaf and Rachel Kalikow <degraaf@...> on Apr 9, 1997

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