Pick of the season cherry ale

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 pounds Laaglander light dry
\N \N Extract
¼ pounds Crystal malt
¼ pounds Lactose
7½ pounds Fresh sweet cherries
½ ounce Chinook hops (boil)
½ ounce Chinook hops (finish)
½ ounce Hallertauer hops (dry)
½ teaspoon Irish moss
\N \N Whitbread ale yeast

This recipe makes 5-½ gallons. Freeze cherries a couple days before brewing. Defrost in the fridge. While wort is boiling, remove stems and crush cherries. After boiling, pour wort over cherries in fermenter. Add cold water and pitch yeast. After a couple days, rack to secondary, straining out cherries. I decided to use lactose because several people thought Papazian's Cherries in the Snow was a bit dry. Primary Ferment: 2 days Secondary Ferment: 6--8 weeks Recipe By : Andy Wilcox


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