Pan-fried chicken breasts

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 mediums Chicken Breast 1/2's or
Boneless Breast 1/2's
1 cup Vegetable oil
1 cup Flour
¾ cup Breadcrumbs, plain or
Italian flavored
¾ cup Instant Potato flakes
1 cup Milk
1 Egg
½ teaspoon Sage or Poultry Seasoning
Salt / Pepper to taste
Any other favorite seasoning
You like in your breading

: BONE-IN BREASTS: 'Finger-bone' the breasts... you don't need a knife to bone out a chicken breast... tear the skin off, turn over (rib side up) and work fingers under 'keel' (breast) bone and tear off. Work fingers between rib section and meat and pull away, ending up at wing joint. Pull out wing joint section. One bone is left buried in upper edge of meat (wishbone, or collar bone of chicken). Pull bone towards bottom tip of breast, tearing it from meat and yanking remaining cartilage away (left from keel bone). Voila! Perfectly boned breast.

: On underside (rib side) of breast there's a long strip of meat in center that can be pulled away. This is the 'tenderloin' of the breast, or also known as the 'chicken tender'. Tear these off whole. Remaining breast is flat. Cut lengthwise in half. Carefully, with knife horizontal to cutting board, slice the thickness in half for each piece. You should have 20 pieces... 4 from each breast and 4 tenders.

OIL: Heat the cup of vegetable oil on high in large skillet or frying pan.


: Mix dry ingredients in a plastic bag, shaking well.

Increase/decrease/add/subtract as your tastebuds and preferences warrant.

Whip egg and milk 'til smooth in large bowl. Put all pieces in bowl to thoroughly wet. Scoop out all meat and put in plastic bag, don't bother draining, the more the merrier. Shake vigorously. Well, shake the bag vigorously, you can stand still if you like.

FRYING: Place 4-6 pieces of meat in pan, frying 'til golden brown, turning occasionally. Turn the meat...don't have your back to the stove! Drain on paper towels.

SERVING: Eat at least one of the first pieces fried while frying the rest, no one will ever know. Serve remaining pieces with any other dishes you deserve... er, like. Asparagus and potatoes, spaghetti and sauce, etc. (I had etc. the other night... it's only good when picked fresh!) NOTE: Breading mixture is great with fish fillet, liver, chicken-fried steak, or anything else you like to panfry. You can pre-mix in a large quantity and store in tightly covered jar or canister and have ready to use. Be sure to shake well before removing some for use (if in California, just leave on porch or under a doorway..) ENJOY!

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Fat and Caloric Content: YES!!

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