New york penicillin

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 quarts Cold water
5 pounds Quartered chicken
2 Chicken feet -or-
4 Chicken wings -or-
1 Turkey wing
1 Clove garlic; peeled & bruised
1 Onion
2 Carrots cut into 1 inch pieces
2 Ribs celery cut as above
½ bunch Fresh parsley tied & washed
1 Bay leaf
1½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Black peppercorns

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 13:23:03 +0100 From: Jon Randall <spellworks@...> This should get you back to feeling ok.

Pour water into large pot. Add everything else and bring to a slow boil, and simmer for 4 hours skimming frequently. Strain the soup. Discard the onion, parsley, bay & peppercorns, but reserve other veg. Remove chicken, skin and debone, reserving the meat. Add meat back to stock, carrots, celery & garlic. Bring back to a simmer, and season to taste.

Serve over pastina, rice or spaghetti, mashing the veg into the soup.

(from: NY Cookbook, Molly O'Neill EAT-L DIGEST 13 JUNE 1996

From the EAT-L recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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