Nam jim seua long hai (tiger's tears sauce)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Prik phon (powdered red 'bidseye' chilis)
Nam makham piag (tamarind juice)
Nam pla (fish sauce)
Khao koor (see method)
Nam tan paep (palm sugar)

This sauce has several regional variations, and this recipe is for the local (Korat) variant.

The two most important variations are: (a) it can be made with a mixture of fresh chopped chilis and powdered chilis, and (b) it can be made with lime juice instead of tamarind juice.

method: First in a medium hot wok or skillet, toast 3-4 tablespoons of uncooked long grain rice until golden, then cool, and grind to a coarse powder in a mortar and pestle, food processor or spice mill. This powder is known as khao koor. Any excess will keep indefinately in a well stoppered container.

Grind dried red chilis to a fine powder, first breaking them, and shaking out and discarding any loose seeds. You will need about a cup of powdered chili (or reduce the other quantities accordingly).

Add about 1 tablespoon of khao koor to the chilis, and then add tamarind juice and fish sauce, in the proportion of three parts tamarind juice to one part fish sauce, stirring until the mixture forms a thin paste of the consistency of tomato ketchup.

Add a little palm sugar to your personal taste.

shelf life: The sauce will keep for 3-4 weeks in a well stoppered container in a refrigerator.

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