Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
9 ounces Almonds
\N \N Boiling Water
9 ounces Powdered Sugar,sifted
2 tablespoons Rosewater
\N \N Couple of drops of
\N \N Bitter Almond Oil

1. Pour boiling water over almonds and peel off the brown skin. Let the almonds dry. 2. Put the almonds with the sugar in a blender and chop until

very fine. Add the spices. 3. Take out and knead with hands until the marzipan is smooth. 4. Let rest over night, wrapped in aluminumfolie. 5. Make little breads or use for cakes or candy. 6.

When using it you can knead up to 50 percent powdered sugar into the marzipan, it gets firmer and sweeter, but loses some of the almond flavour.

From Mrs. H. Rudolph

Translated by Brigitte Sealing Cyberealm BBS 315-786-1120

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