Lofat cakes - general info

Yield: 1 Servings

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Fat in cakes makes the dough tender and gives it richness. Fruit substitutes dilute the chewy structure of the gluten in the flour, thus tenderizing it. The viscosity and body of the fruit gives the cake a rich texture.

DO NOT OVERMIX these recipes; it's important to keep the gluten buildup to a minimum. The cakes should be mixed by hand, like muffins, instead of with an electric mixer. Beat the eggs separately before adding them.

These cakes will turn out very dry if they are overcooked. However, they do seem to become more moist, like fruitcake rather than drier like cakes with fat, in time.

Baby food puree is blander than puree made directly from fruits. Thus, using the baby food downplays the flavor of the fruit, if desired.

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