Llenguado amb ametlles (sole with almonds and cream sauce

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ pounds Butter
1 cup Heavy cream
4 Soles, whole
¼ Lb, toasted almonds Salt.

Wash and drain the soles, then dredge in flour. Brown in the butter over high heat, turning several times. Reduce the heat so that the fish will be done in about 20 minutes. Peel and slice the almonds and add to the fish after it has cooked for about 15 minutes and is not quite done. After a couple minutes, add the cream and let it reduce for 3 - 5 minutes. Transfer the fish to a serving dish or individual plates and cover with the sauce from the pan.

Note: The soles may be skinned before cooking, or replaced with skinless and boneless fillets. [I think they are much better flavored when cooked whole, with skin and bones intact, but it's a question of individual preference.]

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