Llantan (salsa arequipena)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
200 grams Fresh yellow chili
30 grams Garlic without skin
1 large Onion
3 \N Leaves of Huacatay
20 grams Grated Parmesan cheese
4 slices Bread
\N \N Salt to taste

Here are the recipes I have. They are from Comidas criollas peruanas (Peruvian Creole Food Cookbook). These are the translations in the cookbook (it is in Spanish and English): Cut the chilis in half, seed them and put them in a vessel in a hot oven together with the garlic and the onion cut up into strips. Leave in the oven until browned and cooked. Put the bread to soak in a little water; the slices should be a centimeter and a half in thickness; when well soaked, drain off the water.

When the food in the oven is well cooked, take it out and grind in a mincing-machine with the huacatay; lastly grind the bread so that it attracts all the chili. Afterwards put everything in a liquefier and operate it at a slow speed, later adding salt to taste and the cheese. When everything is well mixed and like a smooth paste, the sauce is ready.

This sauce is typical of Arequipa and is served with boiled potatoes or yuccas, meat, fish, or any boiled dish. It is also put on the.table like chili pepper.

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