Joan's peanut seseme pasta

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup (Heaping) peanut butter (Smooth or crunchy)
1 cup Very hot liquid (black tea & see below)
1 pounds Pasta (oriental pasta or Fettucuni, liguini etc)
1 teaspoon Vinegar (see below) or to Taste
1 teaspoon Fresh grated ginger (Bottled is fine too)
1 tablespoon Soy sauce or to taste
1 Clove garlic crushed or to Taste
1 dash Hot sauce or to taste
2 tablespoons Honey or to taste
Few splashes orienetal Seseme seed oil, Added just before serving
White seseme seeds
Black seseme seeds
Radish flowers
Green onion curls
Chopped cucumber


Comment: one one vegan relative tells me these are the best noodles he has eaten anyplace. I tried various recipes until I came up with this technique.

Place peanut butter in a large bowl. Gradually add hot liquid ( for changes of flavor instead of chinese black tea try : cream of coconut, coconut milk, chicken broth) and stir until smooth. At first it will look curdled and yucky but will become smooth. Add more of chosen liquid to reach the consistency you want. I like mine pourable like thick cream. Then add the honey ( btw honey keeps the mixture smooth and pliable ) garlic, soy, ginger, vinegar ( could be red wine, rice wine, garlic vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice ) hot sauce, increasing those flavors you like. The sauce may be covered and refrigerated at this point.

If it thickens under refrigeration just thin with a bit more hot liquid If you use the cream of coconut which is very sweet you may want to omit the honey as also with Coconut milk ( liquid from the fresh coconut ) is less sweet and thick. I personally like the base recipe with the black tea but people's taste vary . Chicken broth is my 2nd favorite version with the coconut liquid last. But all three are super.

You may even prepare the pasta ahead of time. Cook aldente and rinse and drain. Toss with some oil and keep covered until use. Try Chinese or Japanese types of noodles or pasta for a nice change. Last night I used a Chinese,creamy white noodle which was great. Then to present: place pasta on a colorful platter. Now stir in the oriental seseme seed oil into peanut mixture ( it tends to dissapte and thats why its added just before serving for best flavor ) Garnish platter with black & white seseme seeds, radish flowers, green onion curls and chopped cucumber or even baby whole canned corn . Serves 6

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