Hot cross buns (cont'd) 2/2

Yield: 20 Rolls

Measure Ingredient

brown. Remove buns from oven and slide off pan on to wire rack over sheet of waxed paper.

GLAZE: Whisk lemon juice and icing sugar together to form a runny bu slightly thickened mixture, rather like skim milk in color and translucence (glaze should not be so thick that it makes a white coating, hiding the cross). Brush glaze over buns while they're still hot (some icing will drip on to the waxed paper). If desired, wait 5 minutes, then brush on a second coat of glaze.

SPICE BLENDS: Just mix ingredients together and use as per recipe.

FROZEN DOUGH METHOD: With rolling pin, press dough into a large rectangle. Sprinkle with raisins. Starting at long side, roll dough tightly into a log shape. Slice log into 9 sections.

Form each section into a ball and place in square pan coated with non stick spray. Cover with sprayed plastic wrap and allow to double in size. Remove plastic wrap and bake at 350 F for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove immediately to cooling rack.

TO MAKE ICING: Mix all icing ingredients together and place in a squeeze bottle, icing bag or gun.

When buns are cool, use icing bag or snipped milk bag to squirt icing in a cross design on top. FROM The Gazette, March 26, 1997

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