Honey biscuits

Yield: 200 Servings

Measure Ingredient
250 eaches Honey
1 each Flat teaspoon bi-carbonate soda
100 eaches Unsalted butter
500 eaches Brown lour
100 eaches Sugar
\N \N Cinnamon
2 eaches Eggs
\N \N Almonds for decoration
2 eaches Egg yolks
\N litre Sour cream

Warm honey. Add sugar, butter, eggs and gradually the flour. Work with a wooden spoon until very smooth and bubbles appear on the surface. Leave to stand overnight. Make balls or roll out to 1cm thickness and cut into small rounds. Brush with egg yolk and sour cream mix. Top with almonds. Bake for 6 minutes at 420, then lower temperature of oven to 350 and bake for a further 8 minutes. Do not brown. Will be hard for 3 to 4 days. Keeps well. Honey Biscuits

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