Hibiscus uses in cooking

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Besides the ususal herbal tea blends you can try: From: wow4now@... (Wow4Now) Newsgroups: rec.food.cooking Some edible flowers are rose, hibiscus, society garlic, daylily, violet, and many other. If you eat them, be sure that they have not been sprayed. I grow my own and add them to salads. I like society garlic and hibiscus the most for salads. Kind of garlic and pepper flavors. Candied violets and rose make great pastery decorations. Tea is made from rose (rose hips) and hibiscus (red zinger).

From: paulhinr@... (Paul Hinrichs) Extracted from an article about smoking cajun sausage: At midnight, I started smoking the andouille. This is not normally a very creative process, but this time I decided to try something different. Cliff the Butcher carries this inexpensive line of herbs by a company called El Charrito; and several months ago I picked up a little bag of Flor De Jamaica - dried hibiscus flowers - for 99 cents. Never figured out what to use them in, so last night I burned 'em in the smoker. The smoke was very fruity and fragrant and, hopefully, non-poisonous.

After I ran out of hibiscus, I went to the standard, hickory. A couple of pans of that and now the andouille is just cookin' at 175.

The smoke has made it an even deeper red and if I can't eat this stuff I'll use it for Christmas tree ornaments. Paul

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