Ham it up!

Yield: 1 servings

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JP>BTW - I am looking for some different ways to prepare ham, possibly
JP>smoked, candied, barbecued or some such. How do you folks do
JP>it in the South?
The absolute BEST way to cook a ham is in a good pit barbeque. One of
Those new electric smokers will do in a pinch. There's just something
About a ham slow-roasted over hickory or oak coals that makes my mouth
Water just thinking about it. If you have a smoker (one of the large,
Barrel-shaped ones), you're in luck. Just remove the skin from the ham,
And put it in the smoker. Place apple cider, with a little cinnamon and
Cloves, in the pan under the ham. If you like, put 1/4 to 1/3 cup good
Tennessee whiskey in the pan as well. Let the ham smoke for several hours
(about 45 minutes per pound). The aroma will drive you wild!
If you don't have a smoker or a good pit barbeque, you'll have to make do
With an oven. I don't cook hams in the oven often, since we get tired of
Eating the leftovers. But when I do, this is how I do it. Skin the ham,
And place in a roasting pan fat side up. Score the fat in a diamond
Pattern. Stick a whole clove in the center of each diamond. Mix a bit of


cinnamon in brown sugar (sorry, no exact measurements on this one), and pat the sugar mixture on top of the ham. Bake in 325 deg F oven for about 25 minutes per pound of ham. Baste the ham with apple cider every 30 minutes. Sorry that the recipes aren't exact, but I learned these from my father. After you do it a few times, you quit measuring things. By the way, serve sweet potatoes and fresh cornbread with the ham. Other vegetables are OK, but sweet potatoes are essential!

Submitted By SALLIE KREBS On 07-28-95

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