Grilled spice potatoes

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Potatoes

1) Wash as many potatoes as you think you are going to need 2) Microwave potatoes until half done 3) Make three cuts across each potato, deep but not all the way through 4) Spritz each potato with oil

5) Sprinkle with spices of choice (season salt, onion, black pepper, etc.) over each and on skin

6) Fill each slit with slices of cheddar cheese, fresh sliced garlic, and hot peppers of choice

7) Wrap each potato in individual peices of foil 8) Put on grill with indirect heat and close the lid (if your grill has one)

Takes about a half hour, poke with a fork to be sure. If you keep them away from the direct heat source they can stay on longer or put on top rack.

These can acutally be a meal by themselves. I have also just spritzed potatoes with oil and covered in spices, no pre-cooking and did them in foil. They are great.

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