Grapefruit marmalade

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 larges Grapefruit
4 \N Lemons
\N \N Sugar
\N \N Water

Jewish Cookery, Florence Greenberg Choose fruit that is just fully ripe, for that is the time when the greatest amount of soluble pectin is present.

Small, dried-up oranges will not make good marmalade, nor will *over-ripe* fruit.

If cutting peel by hand, use a *very sharp knife,* if possible a stainless one, and resharpen frequently. Wash and dry fruit, but inn quarters and remove pips. Put these in a small basin and pour over ½ pint cold water.

Remove pulp, cut in small pieces and shred rind finely.

Weigh empty preserving pan.

Weigh pulp and rind, put it into a large bowl and pour over 2 pints cold water to every pound and leave till the following day. Then turn into a greased preserving pan, add the strained water from the pips and the pips tied in a muslin bag and boil gently till the peel is quite tender -- about 1-½ hours. [I take this to mean that the seeds should be put in a muslin bag.]

Remove pips, squeezing the bag well. Weigh pan and contents and deduct weight of empty pan to obtain weight of pulp. Add 1-½ lb. sugar to every pound [of weight of the fruit-and-pulp mixture].

Prepare and cut up fruit as above, but discard the center pith and pips of the grapefruit. Put the pips from the lemons in a small basin with ¼ pint cold water.

Put the cut-up fruit in a bowl and pour on 2 pints cold water to every pound. Leave till the following day.

Turn into preserving pan, strain in water from the pips, and add the pips tied in a muslin bag. Boil gently till the peel is very soft -- at least 1-½ hours. Remove bag of pips, squeezing thoroughly, and weigh contents of pan; add 1-½ lb sugar to every pound, stir till sugar has melted, then boil quickly till it sets when tested.

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