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Measure Ingredient
Forms of Bulgur
and #4 Whole
boiling water boiling water boiling water
The Versatile Grain
and the
Elegant Bean
by Sheryl and Mel London
ISBN 0-671-76106-4

#1 Fine Granulations: Usually used for making various kibbe recipes.

Can also be used unsoaked and then baked or fried.

#2 Medium Granulations: A good all-purpose granulation usually used for cold salads such as tabbouleh and for stuffing.

#3 Coarse Granulations: Used for pilafs and for salads and soups. Has a chewier texture than the others and retains its shape well. Can be toasted while dry and the liquid poured over it afterwards.

#4 Whole Bulgur: Similar in texture to Coarse #3 can be used interchangeably. Whole bulgur is uncracked.

For all granulations:

Cooking Method: Pour boiling water over grain and steep. Do not cook.

After required standing time, line a colander with a man's handkerchief. Gather up the ends and twist to squeeze out excess water. Place in a bowl and fluff with a fork, then season with salt.

Cooking and Standing Time: Fork-fluff after standing.

Comments: To prepare only 1 C. of presoaked grain, use ⅓ C. dry grain and steep in boiling water for the required amount of time for the selected granulation. Type of Grain: Bulgur 1 C. dry #1 Fine #2 Medium #3 Coarse Amount of Liquid: 2½ C. 2 ½ C. 3 C.

:Cooking and Let stand Let stand Let stand Standing Time: 15 minutes. 30 minutes. 60 minutes.

Approx Yield: 3 C. 3 C. 3 C.

Note: if you purchase the darker-colored bulgur (which is usually cracked wheat), make sure it is precooked like the more golden-colored bulgur. Cracked wheat requires cooking, not steeping.

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