Grain info and cooking chart 2-2

Yield: 1 info

Measure Ingredient
1 C. dry
hulled or pearled (medium or fine)
final water is clear. Use 3-qt non-stick
saucepan and salted water. Bring water to a
boil, add grain, return to boil, cover and
Let stand 10 minutes.
Slip paper towels under pot lid to absorb
moisture when standing. Fork-fluff after
germ of pearled barley is polished away.
Pearled barley sold in health food stores
is slightly darker with a larger grain than
supermarket varieties.
Unhulled barley is not recommended since it
never seems to become tender, no matter how
long it cooks.
1 C. dry
salt to a boil. Slowly add grain, stirring
constantly. Lower heat and simmer,
uncovered, stirring occasionally.
to hominy grits and are wonderful in
1 C. dry
boil. Slowly stir in grain, return to boil.
Lower heat to medium low and cook,
uncovered, stirring occasionally.
Cover pot and let stand 5 minutes.
rolled in a similar process to oat flakes,
adding dried fruit to last 5 minutes of
cooking. Served with milk, makes a nice
change for breakfast.
The Versatile Grain
and the
Elegant Bean
by Sheryl and Mel London
ISBN 0-671-76106-4

Type of Grain: Whole Grain Barley Amount of Liquid: 3½ C.

Cooking Method: Wash and rinse grain several times until :Cooking and 30-35 minutes Standing Time: Approx Yield: 3 ¼ C.

Comments: The hull and bran are removed, plus some Type of Grain: Barley Grits Amount of Liquid: 4 C. (½ milk, ½ water) Cooking Method: Use 3-qt saucepan. Bring milk, water and :Cooking and 20 minutes Standing Time: Approx Yield: 3 ⅔ C.

Comments: Cooked barley grits are similar in texture Type of Grain: Barley Flakes or Rolled Barley Amount of Liquid: 3 C.

Cooking Method: Use 3-qt saucepan. Bring salted water to a :Cooking and 22 minutes Standing Time: Approx Yield: 2 ⅔ C.

Comments: Barley flakes are lightly toasted and then Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 03-16-95

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