Ginger-the many forms

Yield: 1 servings

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Powdered: The mainstay of baking, ground ginger is a rich, warm spice Its aroma and flavor are fragile, so buy in small quantities if possible.

Preserved: A delicious spicy-sweet Condiment made from fresh ginger that's mellowed in a sugar syrup. Chinese preserves are often flavored with licorice and a touch of salt.

Pickled: A familiar accompaniment to sushi, it's made from fresh ginger that's marinated until tender and pink In a rice vinegar solution and then sliced paper thin along the grain.

Tea: You can make this soothing tonic by steeping fresh ginger in hot water, or you can buy a Chinese tea that's already mixed with dried fresh gingerroot.

Dried: You can buy dried gingerroot in Indian or Chinese markets to keep on hand to grind as the need arises. The dried form provides a surprisingly true ginger taste.

Crystallized: One of the worlds oldest candies, crystallized ginger is made by slow-cooking fresh ginger in sugar water, then rolling it in granulated sugar. Also called candied ginger, it has a gentle, warming bite.

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