European-style scotch ale

Yield: 5 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds British 2-row grain --
\N \N Crushed
3⅓ pounds Malt extract (amber
\N \N Unhopped)
1 pounds Brown sugar
1 pounds Crystal malt grain
4 ounces Chocolate malt grain
1 ounce Northern brewer (45 min)
½ ounce Northern brewer (15 min)
1 ounce Fuggles (5 min)
\N \N Whitbread ale yeast

Bring 1½ gal water to 160 degrees and stir in crushed grains. Keep the mash temp between 148-152 for 1 hr. Best way is to place covered brewing kettle in 140 degree oven. Stir twice while mashing.

Test the mash conversion by placing drop of mash onto white plate, then place a drop of iodine into the solution. If solution turns purple/black you must continue the mash until the solution is clear when the iodine is added.

Pour mash thru a strainer, allowing the wort to flow thru into your brew pot. Bring 1-2 gal water to 135-150 degrees. Slowly sparge the grains with sparge water until it runs clear. The sparge water will become part of the boil. At this point you will continue as usual.

Dissolve malt extract and brown sugar into wort, add 1 oz northern brewer hops and boil for 45 min. Add ½ oz plug and boil for 15 min more. For the last 5 min of the boil, add the fuggles pellets. Cool the wort and bring volume up to 5 gal. Pitching temp: 80 or less O.G. 1050-1055 F.G. 1012-1016

Recipe By : Jaspers



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