Easy chicken sopa

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can Southwest-Style
Chicken Vegetable Soup; Campbells
8 ounces Water
½ cup Roasted chicken; chopped
2 tablespoons Fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons Salsa verde
2 Servings white corn torilla chips
Fresh cilantro; chopped
1 ounce Shredded monterey jack cheese; garnish

In a microwave-casserole, combine canned soup with 1 cup of water. Cut the meat off of a left-over chicken leg, chop, and add to soup. Flavor with lime juice and add chili salsa. Crunch (with a light hand) 1 serving of torilla chips and stir into soup. If you have it, add fresh cilantro. ZAP on HI for 3 to 4 minutes, turning once. Pour into bowls and top with the jack cheese. Serve with the other serving of chips for dripping into soup.

Nice with tonic and lime.

Pepper sources -canned; diced; salsa; taco sauce; tabasco sauce; red-pepper flakes; jalapeno jelly; red pepper paste (if not made with sesame).

Re-sources - Jone's Family Reunion Cookbook: Raylene Scott - California Cooking Traditions

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