Earth oven roast pig

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient

The night before have some strong men dig pit 10-15 in" deep Find small (1to2) lb lava (porous) rock and some hard wood.

Eucalyptis,Oak,etc. Layer wood and rock to make huge mound in the pit and set on fire about 3AM. Coals and white hot rocks will be ready about 7. check each hour. Salt/Pepper pig inside and out; rub hard.

pig should be room temperature. Cover rock/embers with wet banana leaves - 3 to 6 layers. Possible to use seaweed, corn stalk leaves.

Cover this with layers of wet burlap sacks. start at outside and layer like shingles on a roof to the middle. Put pit on a small section of small wire fence section like you keep chicks in. With tongs put several hot rocks in pig cavity near thickest part of meat.

Spread one layer banana leaves on burlap and place pig in the middle of the pit. (encased in the wire). Banana leaves over the pig and then cover with burlap again starting from outside and like roof shingles to the middle. Shovel the dirt back in the pit completely covering. Don't leave any holes. Sprinkle lightly with garden hose.

Steam will escape but keep well covered. About 4 or 5 in the afternoon it will be done. Also fun to put in a few chickens/whole fish/goats all wrapped tightly in foil. Very carefully shovel dirt from top of pit. When the middle burlap is seen start rolling it back toward the sides and ends. Pig will be thoroughly cooked with meat falling off bone. Put on picnic table and let the guests pick their own pieces. Serve with Hawaiian POI and sea salt. Treat POI like bread never eating it alone but with hunks of pork.

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