Earl's steamed crabs

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 each Bushel of live hard crabs
1 cup Kosher salt
1 cup Old Bay Seasoning
3 tablespoons Ground mustard
¼ cup Ground black pepper
1 cup Distilled vinegar
1 quart Water



In a bowl, mix all ingredients except crabs and water. I'll put them in a container with lid and shake them so the seasonings are well mixed. Set seasoning aside. In a large pot with lid (canners work well), put a rack in bottom. Stones or bricks will do fine. Need something to keep crabs out of the liquid. Pour water and vinegar in the pot. Using tongs, put crabs into the pot. Make sure each one is trying to bite you. That means they are alive. Between the basket and the pot, run them under running water to wet the shells. Makes seasoning adhere better. When you have a layer of crabs on the bottom of the pot, liberally sprinkle with the mixture of seasonings. Put another layer of crabs in the pot and sprinkle. Repeat this procedure until the pot is full. Make sure every crab is well covered with the seasoning. Put pot on stove at highest heat. You will probably want to put a brick on the lid if the pot is full. Crabs react to the heat for about a minute. In a couple of minutes the water in the pot will begin steaming. I've never timed this part, but it must be about ten or 15 minutes depending on the heat source. Anyway, when the crabs on top are bright orange-red, they are done. Serve right from the pot on paper covered table with mallads and table knives and LOTS of napkins or paper towels. Bibs are helpful for messy eaters.

Submitted By EARL SHELSBY On 10-17-94

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