Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
10 grams Kidney fat
250 grams Mutton mince
50 grams Besan
5 grams Red chilli powder
150 grams Onion
100 grams Curd
5 \N Cloves a few sprigs coriander
\N \N Leaves garam masala for flavour
\N \N Oil for basting
10 grams Butter

Slice and fry the onion till golden brown. Chop fresh coriander. Mince mutton along with the kidney fat. Mix all the ingredients in the mutton mince leaving aside 60 gms of curd. Form into a dough and make a well in the centre.

Take a red hot charcoal and place in the centre of the mutton dough. Put a blob of butter on top of the charcoal and put a few cloves. cover the whole mixture so as to get the dum. Now make croquettes and place in a tray. Beat the curd, misred chilli powder and drop of red colour. Sprinkle on the kababs.

Now cover the tray and put charcoal on the top and bottom of the tray to cook the kababs. Serve with hyderabadi paratha and green chutney.

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