Dr kitchener's hot stuff

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pounds Small fresh HOT red peppers
Chopped fine
½ cup Dry sherry
½ cup Good brandy
½ cup Fresh lime juice --
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Ground red pepper --

Rinse and drain peppers; cut off and discard stems. Slice peppers roughly into container of a blender or food processor. Standard disclaimer concerning peppers apply.

Chop peppers; gradually add sherry and brandy, continue to run machine until it produces a rough puree. Add lime juice and salt, add ground pepper if fresh peppers are mild.

Scrape mixture into a clean, dry pint jar. Cover top with square of nylon net or two layers of cheesecloth held in place with band portion of canning lid. Set jar in warm spot and allow to ripen and swap flavors for two to three weeks, giving it a gentle shake now and then.

Taste sauce and add more ground pepper if needed( if you got a good crop of peppers this won't be the case). Pour mixture in to container of blender and puree again, this time making as smooth as possible. Press mixture through a very fine meshed sieve. Funnel into bottles suitable for table use. I use old hot sauce bottles with the shaker. Store in refridgerator.

I make 3-5 pints every season, and have never any problem with spoilage.

This is my favorite of all the recipes I make. The best thing besides the taste is that it dosn't really seperate like vinager based mixtures Recipe By : Fancy Pantry


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