Dirty rice risotto

Yield: 1 Recipe

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Duck or chicken necks and wings*
\N \N Gizzards and heart; chop
\N \N Olive oil
½ \N Onion; chop
1 \N Rib celery; slice
1 \N Red pepper; chop
1 tablespoon Garlic; mince
1 cup Popcorn rice
2 cups Stock; or as much as needed
\N \N Salt and pepper
1 bunch Green onions; chop


*If duck is unavailable, substitute chicken. Saute the neck and wings of duck in a pan in oil. Add gizzards and heart. Saute with onion, celery, pepper, garlic and rice; stirring constantly. Saute rice for 20 seconds, add 1 cup stock and stir constantly until absorbed. Add 1 more cup stock and stir until absorbed. Keep adding stock, if needed until rice is cooked. Season with salt and pepper. Finish with green onions. Source: Chef Jamie Shannon, Commander's Palace, NOLA.

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