Crispy zucchini pickles

Yield: 9 pints

Measure Ingredient
6 pounds Zucchini or
\N medium Pickling cucumbers
1 pounds Small white onions
2 larges Garlic cloves (optional)
⅓ cup Pure granulated salt
2 \N Trays ice cubes
4 cups Sugar
3 cups White vinegar
1½ tablespoon Mustard seed
1½ teaspoon Mixed pickling spice
1 teaspoon Celery seed
½ teaspoon Turmeric
9 \N Pint jars with self-sealing lids
\N \N Vegetable brush
\N \N Colander
\N \N Knife
\N large Mixing bowl
\N \N Clean plastic dishpan or enamel kettle
\N large Preserving kettle
\N \N Measuring cups & spoons
\N \N Wide-mouth funnel
\N \N Ladle
\N \N Boiling water bath


Wash the zucchini thoroughly and scrub with a brush. Cut off both ends and discard. Slice the zucchini about ⅛-inch thick into a large mixing bowl, dishpan or kettle.

Peel the onions and slice them ½-inch thick; add them to the mixing bowl. Peel the garlic cloves; stick each one on a wooden pick (for easy spotting and removal) and add them to the vegetables along with the salt. Mix them well.

Cover the zucchini-onion mixture with ice cubes and set aside for 3 hours.

Wash the jars, rinse and keep them hot. Prepare the lids as the manufacturer directs.

Drain the vegetables very well. Pick out garlic.

In large kettle, combine all the remaining ingredients and heat to boiling. Add the sliced vegetables and heat over medium-high heat for 5 minutes.

Ladle into hot jars to within ½-inch of each top.

Spoon additional brine from the kettle to fill each jar to ½ inch of the top if necessary.

Wipe the tops and threads of the jars with a damp cloth.

Put on the lids and screw bands as the manufacturer directs. Process in a boiling bath for 6 minutes. Start timing as soon as the jars go into the boiling water.

When done, remove from boiling water by rack. Do not touch lids or pick up jars by tops. Set overnight on a towel without letting the jars touch.

Put away in pantry after 24 hours.

From the Collection of Candis Compton Submitted By CANDIS COMPTON On 05-26-95

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