Cream of tomato soup

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 kilograms Ripe tomatoes
100 grams Chopped onions
125 grams Chopped young carrots
\N \N Bouquet garni
1 litre Stock
\N \N Salt, pepper
300 millilitres Cream
\N \N Chopped chives or basil

Simmer the vegetables and bouquet with ¾ of the stock until they are tender. Remove the bouquet garni and pur‚e the soup in the blender or sieve until it is very smooth. Taste, add seasoning and remaining stock. If it is to be served cold, stir in the cream and chill. If it is to be served hot, bring the cream to the boil in a clean pan and add the soup gradually. In both cases serve sprinkled with chives or better, chopped basil. If you like a spicy flavour, add nutmeg to the soup as it cooks and sprinkle a little on top when it is served.

Modifications for sterilising

Do not season. Blend the soup, then sieve. Pour into 1l strilising jars, and seal and sterilise in the usual way. When reheating, season then bring 200ml cream to the boil and pour in the boiling soup gradually. You may have to reblend to cure possible curdling.

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