Couscous (2)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N -============ (4 servings)


1 lb Ground turkey 2-3 medium-small carrots 4-6 cups cooked couscous 1 cup double mustard sauce asparagas butter or olive oil cinnamon ground allspice Sorry, but a lot of this is very approximate.

Brown the turkey, drain, add spices to taste and mix, simmer 2-3 min.

For me "to taste" is uasually about 1/8th tsp. allspice, ¼-⅓ tsp cinnamon.

Cut the veggies into ~3" pieces, slice the carrots into 1/4s length wise. Steam the veggies, then saute briefly in olive oil or butter.

Double mustard Sauce:

A standard thick white sauce, with ½ the normal amount of milk replaced the same amount of grey mustard, plus about 1 Tbs. mustard powder (adjusted to taste, of course.) Spread couscous (1 to 1½ C) on a plate, dribble mustard sauce in a think line down the center. put the ground turkey over that. Veggies go on either side of the plate, and your ready to eat.

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