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This is the oldest of the citrus fruits; it grows on a small thorny tree whose flowers are purple and white. The citron resembles a lemon, and grows to a length of six to nine inches. It has a greenish-yellow, tough and warty, fragrant peel, and a scanty, acid pulp. The fruit is grown for its peel, which is used in baking, and it is a most important ingredient of fruitcakes. The peel is first treated with brine; to remove the bitter oil, to bring out the flavor, and to prevent spoilage. then it is candied in sugar and glucose.

Citron probably came from northern India. It was the first of the citrus fruits to be used by Europeans, as long ago as the 4th century BC. Today, it is grown chiefly in Corsica, Sicily, Greece, and the West Indies. Citron is sold candied, by halves or diced, both in bulk and in jars of varying sizes. 3-½ ounces of candied citron = 314 calories. Origin: Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, Volume 3.

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