Cioppino caliente

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Virgin olive oil
1 large Onion; chopped
4 \N Cloves garlic; minced
¼ cup Caribe (crushed N. New Mexico hot red chile)
4 larges Red-ripe tomatoes; peeled; coarsely chopped
1 can (6-oz) tomato paste
½ cup Burgundy or dry red wine
2 teaspoons Fresh minced rosemary -or-
1 teaspoon Dried leaf rosemary
1 tablespoon Fresh minced thyme
2 \N Bay leaves
2 tablespoons Fresh minced basil
1 tablespoon Fresh minced oregano
1 teaspoon Salt or to taste
1 pounds Medium shrimp; shelled, deveined; tails left on
½ pounds King or other crab legs
1 \N (1-1/2 lb) lobster
18 \N Bay scallops (about 1/4 lb)
½ pounds Firm-fleshed white fish; like cod; in 1-inch cubes
12 \N Cherrystone clams; scrubbed
¼ cup Dry brandy; if desired

Super hot and so much fun! Served with a warmed loaf of French or Italian bread and a tossed green salad, this robust seafood stew is guaranteed to 'wow' your guests. MESSY! Heat oil in a large skillet, paella pan or wok.

Add onion and garlic & cook until garlic just starts to turn golden. Add caribe, tomatoes, tomato paste, wine, herbs & salt. Cover & simmer 30 minutes, add a little water if sauce starts getting too thick. Taste & adjust seasonings. Place all seafood on top of sauce in a pretty pattern.

Cover & cook 10-15 minutes until shrimp turn pink, lobster red and clams pop open. If desired, quickly heat brandy, carefully flame and pour over just before serving. Divide among bowls (cut lobster apart) and provide bibs & lots of napkins! Makes 4 servings.

From the <Hotter Than Hell!>, by Jane Butel, ISBN 0-89586-646-3 (0-89586-542-4 paperback). Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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