Simple cioppino

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Tomato sauce; (8 ounces)
1 cup Tomatoes; cut up, (8 ounces)
1 cup Chopped onion
2 teaspoons Chopped garlic
\N \N Dried basil; dried thyme, dried
\N \N Marjoram and dried oregano
\N \N Pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Dried parsley flakes
½ cup White wine
1 \N Bay leaf
½ pounds Cooked shrimp
¼ pounds Precooked scallops
¼ pounds Precooked crabmeat
1 \N Fresh zucchini; thinly sliced
1 medium Yellow squash; thinly sliced
2 \N Fresh plum tomatoes; thinly sliced

In a large saucepan with hot tomato sauce, add onion, garlic, basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano and pepper. Stir and simmer. While simmering, prepare seafood. Cut the larger shrimp, scallops or crabmeat into smaller pieces.

(About ½- inch chunks). Add seafood to skillet to warm. Add parsley flakes, white wine and bay leaf. In a plastic micro-safe container-steamer, fill bottom part with water. Add zucchini, squash and plum tomatoes to top part. Micro-cook on high-heat until crisp-tender. In skillet with seafood, add cooked zucchini, squash, and plum tomatoes. Simmer until ready to eat.

Serve warm.

Approximately 20 minutes.

Per serving (excluding unknown items): 527 Calories; 5g Fat (9% calories from fat); 57g Protein; 52g Carbohydrate; 443mg Cholesterol; 2029mg Sodium By Patty <designwest@...> on Nov 9, 1998.

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