Chilean sweetcorn parcels

Yield: 3 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 larges Chinese leaves
400 grams Canned sweetcorn; drained
4 Milk (4-5 tbs)
2 Eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons Finely chopped fresh herbs (e.g. marjoram, basil, coriander, etc.)
Pepper to taste

Serves 3-4

This recipe was given to me by a friend who lived in Chile for several years, and it has become a firm favourite. A sweetcorn paste tasting of fresh herbs is poached inside a wrapping of Chinese leaves. A delicious supper dish. Serve on rice or with noodles.

Steam the Chinese leaves for a minute or two until supple but not too soft. Liquidize all the rest of the ingredients together to a paste.

Divide the mixture into eight and put spoonfuls into the centre of each leaf. Wrap up like a spring-roll, with the ends folded in, and secure with a wooden cocktail stick. Steam over hot water for 20-25 minutes until the filling is set.

Copyright Rosamond Richardson 1996 Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias

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