Chicken salad w/grapefruit, mint, & lemon grass - pt. 1

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
Vegetable oil -- for deep
40 Shrimp chips --
1 tablespoon Unsalted peanuts
1 tablespoon Sesame seeds
1 ounce Dried shrimp
Soaked in hot water for 30
2 ounces Fresh pork sides
2 ounces Uncooked shrimp in the
1 medium Unpeeled cucumber
Halved lengthwise, seeded --
And sliced thinly
1 large Carrot -- shredded
1 cup Fresh beansprouts
1 ounce Cooked chicken meat -- cut
Into thin strips
1 tablespoon Chopped mint
½ tablespoon Chopped lemon grass
1 large Peeled grapefruit
Sectioned and cut crosswise
Into 1 inch pieces
Cilantro sprigs -- for
2 Eggs
¼ teaspoon Nuoc Mam sauce
Freshly ground black pepper
Vegetable oil
1 Clove garlic -- minced
1 Fresh chili pepper -- seeded
And minced
½ tablespoon Sugar
½ tablespoon Fresh lime juice
½ tablespoon Rice vinegar
1½ tablespoon Nuoc Mam sauce


*(Thit Ga Tron Voi Buoi, Rau Thom Va Sa).

1. Heat about 2 inches oil to 350° in a wok. Add the chips 2-3 at a time and keep them immersed in the oil with a pair of chopsticks or perforated spoon until puffy. This should take about 10 seconds.

Turn and cook for the same length of time. When f 2. Rub down the wok, return it to a moderate heat and cook the peanuts. Stir constantly until the peanuts are golden brown - about 5 minutes. Grind with a grinder or put between a couple of sheets of clean strong paper and grind with a rolling pin or m Recipe Source: VIETNAMESE COOKING - EXOTIC DELIGHTS FROM INDO-CHINA by Paulette Do Van. Published by Chartwell Books, Inc. Copyright (c) 1993. Recipe formatted by Olivia Liebermann RDSE68B on May, 1995.

Recipe By : "Vietnamese Cooking" by Paulette Do Van, Chartwell Books

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